• Steve Truscott

Top Ten Reasons to have your kids learn at Family Karate

*according to thousands of parents!

I've been involved in teaching children and training our Instructors for over 40 years. I've seen Family Karate make a huge difference for thousands of kids - literally life-impacting differences. Our Karate Kids go on to study at Ivy League schools, protect our country, become business leaders, and most importantly become great Moms and Dads. (We really do know about the great Moms and Dads part because in Family Karate's fifth decade we are teaching the children - and even grand-children - of our Karate Kids!)

Here are the Top Ten benefits our students' parents and teachers say they gain learning with us: 10. Coordination and motor skills. Kids who work on improving strength, balance, and coordination do better in games and sports at a young age. This creates real confidence, and reduces the likelihood of ridicule and bullying.

9. Fitness. Everyone needs fitness, but very few of our kids get enough exercise. Training in martial arts is fun, natural, purposeful movement which builds muscle and burns fat. Purposeful movement is motivating! Karate kids have more energy for school and for life. 8. Social Skills. Our classes include constant interaction between kids of all ages, and with Instructors. Learning to support others kids, sharing ideas, and having fun together builds social skills and expands circles of friends. 7. ​Self Defense. We all want our kids to have fun and not be afraid of others. We also want our kids to be safe. Self protection skills are important, and kids need to gain competence in these skills. We can't expect kids to stand up to unhealthy peer pressure if they are afraid of confrontations. (When I began teaching martial arts, I was sure this would be the number one reason parents choose us. I was wrong. As you can see, there are many others ahead of this one.) 6. Resilience. Kids love to do well, and win. They also need to realize that not everything comes easily. They need to learn to work hard, and get past set-backs and disappointments, in order to accomplish important things. Martial arts has built-in challenges that helps with each of these life skills. 5. Self Confidence. Martial arts is amazingly successful at teaching kids learn to show their earned self-confidence, walk with a strong posture, speak fluently, make eye contact, be strong socially, and make good decisions. 4. Focus. From day one at Family Karate students learn to block out distractions and concentrate. They learn to focus their bodies, focus their eyes, and focus their minds - very important in school, at home, and in life. 3. Respect. The protocol of every Family Karate class is to have respect for ourselves, respect for classmates, respect for adults, and respect for learning. Our Karate Kids learn how to interact courteously and confidently. 2. Courtesy. We insist on treating everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity. Following the Golden Rule is taught in every Family Karate lesson. We guide our students through the shining examples of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, William Wilberforce, Wilma Rudolph, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, and many others. 1. Please join us to find out what #1 is for your child! If you believe the qualities above are important, we'd love to be on your team. Please visit our Parents Say page to see how other Moms and Dads feel about their children's progress at home, at school, and in public.

Thank you - Steve Truscott​


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