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Caring for our Karate Family

My dear Family Karate students and families I have devoted 40 years of my life to teaching and loving every one of my students. The highlight of my life is kids running to jump on me after class!  I have done my best to always strengthen your family, and if we can continue to partner during this difficult time I know we can have growth and fun until we can all be together in class again.  To keep you, our Instructors, and our community safe we have moved to on-line instruction from now through at least May 1.  Here are some highlights and suggestions: 1. Our live classes (two each week) for each group will include full classroom instruction to help keep your lives as consistent as possible, keep you connected with your friends and Instructors, and continue your progress at Family Karate. 2. Each Friday we post a review lesson, including our personal growth Black Belt Challenge to strengthen and support you during this transition.  We will also link to other resources that will reinforce and enrich learning. 3. You will be able to test for new belts as soon as you feel ready by demonstrating your skills while video-conferencing personally with me or any other Instructor you prefer.  I will send you each Instructor's email, so that you can make these appointments. 4. We will send you emails on how to join our secure Zoom classes, access our video Lessons on YouTube, homeschooling resources, and inspirational stories.  Here is an interesting article: How to prepare for extended school closings - and not lose your mind. The very first point the article makes is that kids thrive on Routine and Predictability.  I would suggest that at Karate time each day, get into your uniform, train along with the video, and then email me with any questions or suggestions. Since you will be able to watch the video as many times as you want, rewind specific portions, email me questions, chat with your friends about the lessons, and do personal reviews with me and our wonderful team of Instructors, you will actually have a lot more personalized training - and a lot more Karate! Lastly, we are enrolling new students so please let us know if we can help any of your friends or family members to stay active, healthy, and optimistic! With love and gratitude - ST


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