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Black Belt Challenges

Our Black Belt Challenges for this quarter are:

1. Mind. Integrity & Perseverance.  These two Tenets go together, because it is only when things are difficult that our integrity is truly tested, and it is perseverance that gets us through testing times.  Please set goals for your children around these principles.

2. Body. Train with your family in Karate, daily fitness challenges, and P.E. classes. On Tuesdays and Fridays you are welcome to join our Family Karate Project Strong community-service P.E. program with your children. Links can be found in your classrooms.

Our Advanced Students (Junior Black Belts, Teens & Adults) are also working on getting stronger on each event of our Black Belt Fitness Test - squats, push-ups, hanging leg-raises, pull-ups, and burpees.

3. World. Show gratitude by reaching out to the doctors and first responders who are protecting us.  As an example, here is a project my nephews and their buddies did on their street. (Yes, their street name includes Corona"!):  http://francisparkerschoolnews.com/2020/04/parker-family-organizes-block-wide-street-art-thank-you-to-first-responders/


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